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LinkedIn profile optimization

Present yourself and make a good impression with an optimized LinkedIn profile! Your LinkedIn profile is an extremely important part of everything you do on LinkedIn. If you are running run out of time (or will) to optimize it yourself:

let me help you and save you time.

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Who is LinkedIn profiles optimization for?

To everybody who is active on a LinkedIn profile but doesn't have the time to optimize it properly.

  • Managers and directors - you are the biggest ambassadors of the company on LinkedIn and it is a must to present it professionally;
  • Head of marketing, sales, HR, etc. - employees in these departments are certainly very active on LinkedIn, so you need a good presence to be an example to others in the company;
  • Sales representatives - salespeople are closest to customers and therefore most visible on LinkedIn; don't let a bad profile close the door on business opportunities for you;
  • Entrepreneurs - you are searching for clients, partners, employees on LinkedIn ... make sure that your optimized LinkedIn profile will support all activities to promote your business.

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What do you get?

We will take care of all the key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile. As part of the service, we optimize the following elements:

  • Background image
  • Headline
  • Contact Info, Location, Industry
  • About section
  • Up to 3 Featured content
  • Job Description*
  • Added all jobs*
  • Education*
  • 10 Skills

The entire text will be accompanied by keywords (SEO).

* We need your resume to edit these items.

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LinkedIn profile optimization process

Špela Lampe will guide you through the process. She will be your companion in an in-depth conversation on your business journey. She will help you define your wishes for editing your profile, prepare all the texts in English, advise you on the materials, introduce you to specific uses of LinkedIn, and much more.

Our process of your LinkedIn profile optimization:

  • Online interview (up to 30 minutes)
  • Preparation of materials for your profile makeover
  • Online guidance when editing your profile (30 min) - optional
  • Edits (up to two rounds of edits)

Špela about herself: "In creating, I long for new, innovative approaches to the client/partner and creating a subtle, soft space for heartful stories. I am an entrepreneur, an expert in strategic project management. I have successfully led teams in more than 100 projects in the private, public and non-governmental (sports) sectors from small, local projects to the event management at World EXPO."

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