LinkedIn Content Kit

LinkedIn Content Kit

On LinkedIn it all starts with a plan.

I have prepared ALL you need to know, before you dive in. Everything from setting goals, optimising your LinkedIn profile and page, cover photos templates, to content plan that will be your best LinkedIn managing friend.

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What you get?

    • 1. LinkedIn Basics – before you start using LinkedIn it is crucial to understand what LinkedIn is all about; learn the basic and prepare to unravel the LinkedIn magic
    • 2. LinkedIn Goals – if you want to succeed, first you need to know, where you are heading; in this section you will set the goals for your LinkedIn activities
    • 3. LinkedIn Profile Check List – your LinkedIn profile is your landing page, that makes it or breaks the first impression; this list will guide you all the way to your best impression online
    • 4. LinkedIn Page Check List – like the profile it is the same with the page; it is really important to edit your page and prepare it to be an important part of the customer journey
    • 5. LinkedIn Profile and Page about – this section takes you step by step to crafting a catchy About of your profile and page; it really can make a difference if created right;
    • 6. LinkedIn Cover Photo Templates – cover photo can be an important part of your presence; you can use it as a board; in the Section 5 you will get 5 templates for your profile and 5 for your page, accurate size in pixels included
    • 7. LinkedIn Content Plan – this is the section that helps you with post ideas and stay consistent; you get a short instructions and a sheet, that you need in order to plan ahead; and planning is one of the most important part of your LinkedIn journey
    • 8. LinkedIn Post Best Practice – learn the anatomy of a LinkedIn post; learn about the elements and use it every time you post on LinkedIn profile or page
    • 9. LinkedIn 140 Content Ideas – what to post is the most ime consuming question; I prepared 140 content topics and formats, so you never stay out of ideas
    • 10. LinkedIn Activities – true opportunities lay in other activites besides posting content; a simple like can be a powerful tool if you use it right; in this section you will learn the secrets
    • 11. LinkedIn Invitation and Welcome Messages – when building your LinkedIn network message templates will help you to optimise your time; personalized them and use them when inviting new contacts or sending a welcome message
    • 12. Linkedin Algorithm – the last section is about the core of LinkedIn; when you understand how LinkedIn algorithm works, you can take all the knowledge to your advantage

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What you get with the LinkedIn Content Kit?

1. 104 pages long ebook with instructions and best practices

2. Excel table for content planning and some other planning goodies

3. 2 PowerPoint files with 10 cover photo templates for profile and page



The plan is the first half of your LinkedIn success. Consistency is another half.

You need only one more thing – desicion to start and make LinkedIn your favourite business habit. Let me help you with that!

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