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About me

I am a passionate and energetic consultant, that absolutely loves LinkedIn! It was LinkedIn, that helped me create my credible personal brand and find my dream job - sharing my LinkedIn knowledge with you.

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How I got into LinkedIn training?

When I first started my own business in October 2014, I asked myself a tough question: "How can anybody hire me if nobody even knows I exist?" I set up my LinkedIn profile and started writing. I was a digital marketing specialist at that time.

I jumped out of entrepreneurship a year later, but continued creating content. From October 2017 I have been an entrepreneur again. I found my love for LinkedIn and I stick to it with big results. 

I am a living proof, that LinkedIn works. 

Let me show you the way, how it can work for you, too

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LinkedIn by the Book

I am such a fan of LinkedIn I published a book about it. LinkedIn by the Book is a book with everything you need to know before you dive into LinkedIn. It includes 236 pages, 12 modules, 9 amazing cool tools, and tons of clip tips to guide you along the way.

My goal is that you truly understand LinkedIn and fully use it for (employer) branding, marketing, and sales. You need only one more thing – the decision to start and make LinkedIn your favorite business habit.

Get your copy here >>

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Apart from LinkedIn > lakes are my love

I combined my love for writing, discovering Slovenia, social media posting, and cycling into the Moja jezera (eng. My lakes) project. It is about cycling to all Slovenian lakes. In the moment of writing, I gathered more than 1410 lakes on It is becoming a true mancyclopedia.

I have received three awards for Moja jezera:

  • POMP Award for special achievements in content marketing
  • 2 NETKO awards for excellence in digital projects

Check out Moja jezera website

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I have published 2 books about lakes - The Slovenia Lakes and Jezera Slovenije

The books are the most genuine book about lakes. They are not a tourist guide, but more a long poem for the lakes. You can choose between Slovene and English books.

The books present the biggest, the deepest, the highest, and the lowest lake in Slovenia. I introduce you to 101 hand-picked lakes from Slovenia. 

I am inviting you to dive into the amazing world of Slovenian Lakes and let yourself be inspired by the charming lakes of sLOVEnia.

Buy The Slovenia Lakes book


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