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LinkedIn for managers

As managers and CEOs, you have the biggest impact on LinkedIn. You should actively use it to be the Nr. 1 ambassador for the company. Do you?


BASIC package - 2x 2 hours

In the basic package BASIC we will:

  • Edit basic profile elements: URL address, profile, cover photo, headline, contact information, Featured section, and last Work experience
  • Look at how to build a network: how to send a connection invitation and how to use search filters
  • Review how to engage with content: How to comment on LinkedIn page content, employee and business partner content, and how to share and repost

We support all activities with real examples of best practices.

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GOLDEN package - 3x 2 hours

The more advanced GOLDEN package is intended to be a step forward.

In addition to all the contents of the BASIC package, we will:

  • Edit advanced profile elements: skills, About section, and explained statistics
  • Review how to write content: the technical and content anatomy of a good post and practices on how to take a personalized approach to content writing

We support all activities with real examples of best practices.

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STAR package - 6x 2 hours

The optimal package with mentoring is designed to train all content over a longer period of time.

In addition to all the contents of the GOLDEN package, we will:

  • Implement a mentoring program: intended for monitoring posts, explaining post statistics, LinkedIn algorithm, ways to encourage employees to be active, reviewing weekly activities, and, of course, all questions and dilemmas


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