Companies I have worked with

I am proud and happy to have the privilege and opportunity to work with amazing companies, organizations, and media. Thanks to everybody who has trusted me to be their LinkedIn trainer.



NIEROS Metal Tax-Fin-Lex      
 Medex  Loterija Slovenije  Marles hiše  Zavod za zaposlovanje  imp
 radenska  extra lux  spago  malinca  fakulteta za turizem
Medis Better Generali Kompetentna Slovenija Netpro
   gea college      
 zdruzenje manager  intra lighting  iskratel  zds  uradni list
 telekom slovenije  grawe zavarovalnica  studio moderna  sgz  point out
mesi competo zbornica bic  cef
 bni  livar  generali investments  netfork akademija  gigodesign
 farmaforum  bankart  hse  iam  genis
 elan  verlag dashofer  szko  zavas  si sport
 roche  ric  ptp  dominatus  psd
 polycom  PIK  optiweb  lspr  oikos
mediade cene stupar dplac openit info hiša
 hotel park  housing  ecetera  amzs  360ecm
 business club        

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