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LinkedIn for event organizers

LinkedIn is a hot topic for events and conferences, because everybody in business can leverage its power. Hire me to show the magic behind LinkedIn to your audience. Each time I give out a lot of knowledge, motivation and all my heart to the audience!

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A lecture from 30 minutes to 3 hours on the topics:

  • Employee advocacy on LinkedIn
  • How to start with LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn for marketing goals
  • How to use LinkedIn for sales goals (social selling)
  • How to use LinkedIn for recruiting goals
  • Developing a plan for communication on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn pages – how to start, continue, and succeed
  • Other LinkedIn topics that suit the agenda of your event

In the last 8 years, I have conducted more than 560 workshops and seminars. I am looking forward to giving knowledge and energy to your attendees.

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LinkedIn by the Book as a gift

As an event organizer, you probably look for new ideas for gifts or gift bags. How about a book about LinkedIn - a very important topic in business. It is a book with everything you need to know before you dive into LinkedIn.

LinkedIn by the Book includes 236 pages, 12 modules, 9 amazing cool tools, and tons of clip tips to guide you along the way. The book is in the English language.

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Sharing LinkedIn knowledge is my biggest passion. 

Networking on business events is another. When I combine sharing knowledge and networking on business events, the magic happens. Everytime I give my heart to the presentation.

Let me spice up your event with a relevant topic and some magic!


In numbers you can trust



    More than 600 lectures


    Happy participants


    15 years of experiences


    4 books published

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Contact me and let us find a way how LinkedIn can help you!

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