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LinkedIn for entrepreneurs

As a leader, entrepreneur, or CEO, you probably struggle with how to create credibility, build trust, and generate leads? Well, LinkedIn is THE platform, that can help you with that. Let me be your guide on your way to learning how to leverage LinkedIn.



ONE TIME LinkedIn session

Together we will go through the process of social selling and LinkedIn. We will:

1. talk about your business goals and target market
2. review your LinkedIn profile
3. prepare an action plan for activities

I will give you knowledge, best practices, and tools for your weekly to-do list on LinkedIn.

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To truly find your LinkedIn success I will guide you all the way: you get knowledge, best practices and tools, that will help you start and stay consistent. Together we will:

1. define your goals and define your target market – what are you trying to achieve with communication and to whom
2. optimize your LinkedIn profile – to set the effective landing page
3. create an action plan for creating piles of good content – to build credibility and trust
4. build your network - for your opportunities and reach
5. engage with your connections and followers – talk to them via comments and DMs
6. keep testing and tracking your performance – to fine tune communication for the best results

NOTE: we need at least 3 months of regular meetings. Besides the knowledge I will give you tons of motivation, too!

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LinkedIn is all about networking and connecting!

What I love most about business are people. Meeting new people, connecting, sharing knowledge and stories, and building genuine relationships that are enhancing business and private life.

Networking is king. Net is working. Networking works.


Ready to connect?

Contact me and let us find a way how LinkedIn can help you!

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