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3 ways how LinkedIn helps us reinventing our content strategy

3 ways how LinkedIn helps us reinventing our content strategy

One of them was: every company or a person needs to reinvent in a certain period of time. This thought never left me. And then the covid came in March. It brought a lot of negative sides, but let me focus on a good one: time.

Since we weren't able to attend events, the commuting was off, all business meetings were canceled and so were the LinkedIn workshops, we got more time in our hands.

And somehow the seed of that reinventing thought has started to evolve. It shot an arrow to my content strategy on LinkedIn.

I have been a LinkedIn trainer for almost 3 years and oh, how much the platform has changed since then! And I was thinking about how the platform itself is helping us evolve as content creators and trainers.

I found 3 ways how LinkedIn help us reinventing our content strategy:


  1. Look - this is the minor one but still, LinkedIn change its look, colors of the menu, the feel of the platform, and we need to adapt to it, everytime; even with the small change we need to embrace and sometimes even change our habits of using the platform;
  2. Features - this is the obvious one - everytime LinkedIn ads new feature, we create new ways of sharing our content - polls, newsletter, LinkedIn Live are just features, you may say, but if you look closely they are seeds for reinvention; perhaps you can ask more questions with polls, record more videos for the live, or go back to long posts from articles to newsletter;
  3. Algorithm - oh, the all mighty algorithm - we will never know for sure, how this monster does its magic on the feed, but since the dwell time, it encourages us to post more videos and documents; and the best part it, that just when we kind of know its secrets, LinkedIn changes the formula.

So we cannot settle down. We must always be alert on what is going on with the changes on LinkedIn to stay in front of our audience's eyes. But that doesn't go just for LinkedIn, but for digital marketing in general. These are channels that are always evolving and so must be our content strategy. Of business strategy. Or the goals we have for our personal development.

Always changing LinkedIn, always changing digital, always changing content, always changing business strategy.
And this is what I love about LinkedIn - it is a constant reminder that everything in life is a part of a process.


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