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LinkedIn page header - 6 best practices

LinkedIn page header - 6 best practices

LinkedIn pages focus on the brand, not the individuals within the brand. This allows your brand to have a human touch and identity separate from any people within the organization. Relying on the personal brand of one person can be dangerous; if they leave the company you can lose a big part of your brand identity.

LinkedIn page is as well a source of the content your sales representatives can use in social selling with LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views. So, take time for editing, and I strongly advice: do not copy-paste texts from your website.

HEADER PHOTO - what to put there?

Brand hashtag:

adobe header

Showcase your award:

jabil header

Leverage the power of colors:


Include call to action:

manca korelc linkedin trainer

Showcase your mission:

studio moderna

Show what you are all about:


Now you have some inspiration - jump on your Linkedin page and edit your header photo. 


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