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Back to basics - what is social selling?

Back to basics - what is social selling?


Let's meet some facts and numbers in B2B business buying process. We all know that nowadays buyers are deciding, when they take a next step in the buying process, so we need to act accordingly.

B2B buying process facts:

  • 82% prospects are doing research on social networks
  • 60-70% are in the buying process, when they contact the sales representative
  • 80% expect response in real time – we need to respond fast
  • 6,8 on average decision makers for every decision
  • 60% buyers do not make any decisions

Now let's learn the magic of social selling.

Social selling is far away from traditional sales approach and much more than just selling on social.

It is a process of building and nurturing relationships with social media and utilizing these relationships in the entire sales process, from finding, connecting, understanding and gaining new prospects to reaching sales goals.

"Social selling is the modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers so you're the first person or brand a prospect thinks of when they're ready to buy" (Hootsuite).

Key concepts of social selling

  • It is buyer driven, relationship based, not seller or transactional based
  • We do not pitch but help by listening and providing value
  • You do not close a sale, but start a relationship
  • The key is building credibility and trust
  • Social networks play a key role for building trust with customers

LinkedIn is the best professional, business relationship building platform to leverage the power of social selling in B2B.


In order to use social selling successfully, we must take these ongoing 4 steps and actions. Learn all 4 together with activities on LinkedIn (by LinkedIn).

1. Establish your professional brand

  • Complete your profile with the customer in mind
  • Add rich content - examples of your work, portfolio etc.
  • Increase visibility with posting and interacting with relevant content
  • Generate endorsements for your skills

2. Connecting to the right people

  • Use search tools and filters (use boolean search – NOT, AND. " ")
  • Leverage warm introductions with mutual contacts
  • Research potential prospects
  • Take advantage of Who's viewed your profile section
  • By connecting with prospects always add a personalized message

3. Engaging with insights

  • Share relevant resources
  • Leverage industry data and new to post timely content
  • Engage in discussions with thoughtful comments
  • Use relevant information when reaching out

4. Building relationships

  • Build your contact network to increase reach
  • Focus on decision makers
  • Connect internally to leverage warm introductions
  • Nurture relationships

You can track your Social Selling Index right on your LinkedIn - click on this link >>


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