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5 very personal LIFE lessons that social media gave me

5 very personal LIFE lessons that social media gave me

We had a chance to participate as speakers and of course I grabbed the opportunity. Well, my dear mentor Tatjana Kolenc said that it is for sure an event not to miss so I applied without thinking much.

We had 8 minutes on the big stage of Grand hotel Union and my topic was The Power of Network: Alone We can go Far; Together we can Reach Beyond and Create Positive Change for the Planet. Seems like an easy task, but I wanted to be personal and memorable. And it is not so easy to say something powerful in a few minutes.

I did not take time to prepare until a few days before. I just couldn't find the inspiration. I started writing the speech, but felt that I am not going in the right way ... it seemed too self promotional and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

I was at the event on Friday all day, listening to other women, writing notes, and digging into my soul, waiting for the right words. I was struggling and in a lot of stress.

And so it came ... after some hours and two sleepless nights I stood upon that glorious stage and told my story about 5 life lessons I learned from being active on social media.

5 life lessons social media have given me - WEF 2020

Hi, my name is Manca. I consider myself as one of the biggest LinkedIn ambassadors in Slovenia.

I teach companies how to optimize profiles, learn best practices to write content, send invitations, engage with users, how to communicate with prospects, in short ... I show them how to use LinkedIn to meet their marketing and sales goals.

But is this really what I do?
When I first started my own business back in 2014, I started using LinkedIn to build my personal brand and a business network.

Since then I have been using social media daily and we became friends. And I am not just saying that, because they helped me build a career.

I call them friends because they taught me 5 very important lessons for business and life. Let me share them with you.

1. Find and show your TRUE SELF – learn about yourself, find your voice and your motives, then stand out with your story; show your successes, your progress, but inspire with your weakness and challenges, too;

2. GIVE FIRST – find what you are good, your experiences, knowledge, what are you passionate about, never stop learning and use the social media to give value online to educate others;

3. You need to LISTEN – do you ever find yourself scrolling endlessly on Facebook or Instagram? We all do that sometimes, don't we? Well, learn to pay attention and read between the lines. Like in real life, social media is not just about talking, it is about listening, as well;

4. Learn to be PATIENT – all good things take time, no success happens over night, neither that on social network. I always say to my clients:

If you want the social media to work, you have to do the work first. Take time and enjoy the process.

5. Building RELATIONSHIPS – this is for me the hardest lesson; to build a network is one thing, but to nurture relationships is another; I am still learning how to take care for my network, and by that I don't mean just liking and commenting their posts on LinkedIn. ;)

As you see, social networks help us to connect, bring us closer, give us voice, break global boundaries and create opportunities. And I am not talking business only.

Over the years social media have taught me, what my mission as a trainer and as a woman truly is - it is providing guidance and courage to being true to yourself, give value, listen carefully, take time and nurture your network, your colleagues, clients.

With that 5 lessons I rise a professional and they help me helping others to rise and grow. As a company, organization or community.

And that is what I call the true power of social network. Thank you.


So why am I such an ambassador of social media?

I use social media as a mirror. They help me see myself, my journey, my motivations. Am I going in the right direction? Do I have the correct relationship towards myself and others. I have learned to read between my lines, not only the lines of other posts.

And for the building relationships part - this is my weakness. But ... my business as a LinkedIn trainer, co-hosting LinkedIn Local events, my ex mentor (but friend forever) Boško, all my clients and social media followers have taught me, how to become better at this. I am deeply grateful to all of you who trust me and give me opportunity to rise each day and help me help you to grow.

LinkedIn is THE one, present in all of those aspects. And for that as well, I am his biggest fan.

LinkedIn has become my business partner and my life long teacher how to become a better trainer, better networker and better person.


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