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Here you will find my bio and some photos you can use.  

About Manca Korelc

During her 15 years of working in digital marketing, she was in various roles, and since 2017 she has been helping B2B companies use LinkedIn for marketing, sales, or HR. In the last 8 years, she has held more than 565 lectures and workshops and written over a hundred articles on digital marketing and social networks, among others published in the biggest Slovenian media.

She is the author of the LINKEDIN BY THE BOOKOrder the book here >>.


Project Moja jezera (eng. My lakes)

She combined her love of writing, exploring the hidden corners of Slovenia, and cycling in the Moja jezera project, in which she visits all Slovenian lakes, and lately waterfalls. On the website www.mojajezera.si, he creates a real online encyclopedia.

For the project, she received the POMP award for special achievements in content marketing and two Netko awards, which reward the excellence of digital projects. She spoke about the project for all major Slovenian media.

Read more about the Moja jezera project on the website >>.

She is the author of the books JEZERA SLOVENIJE and THE SLOVENIA LAKES. Order Slovenian book here >>, and English here >>.


Fun Facts about Manca

  • She loves public speaking - leading LinkedIn workshops and lectures for companies is her passion
  • Her latest passion is researching neuroscience, epigenetics, the connection between spirituality and science, and the science of water
  • She collects (and uses) letter openers: whenever he travels abroad, he buys at least one
  • Her favorite number is 3: she has loved this number for as long as she can remember; she has a funny habit of expressing every number with the number 3: for example, the number 8 is (3+3)+(3/3)+(3/3)
  • A constant desire to advance in all areas runs through her veins
  • She really likes meeting positive people in the business world with whom I can have good business conversations

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