LinkedIn by the Book

LinkedIn by the Book

BOOK: LinkedIn by the Book

LinkedIn by the Book is a book with everything you need to know before you dive into LinkedIn. The book includes 12 modules, 9 amazing cool tools, and tons of clip tips to guide you along the way. BACK IN STOCK!

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12 modules of the book

    • 1. Before We Begin – learn more about me, my story with LinkedIn, why I decided to write a book about LinkedIn, why you should read it, and how to use all the clip tips
    • 2. Introducing LinkedIn – a short introduction to LinkedIn with numbers and who is LinkedIn for; I am sure you will find yourself among those profiles
    • 3.Blueprint for Success – success on LinkedIn starts with a blueprint with 7 steps for success – how to do "LinkedIn-ing" right, goals for marketing, sales, HR, and learning, and how to set SMART goals
    • 4. LinkedIn Profile Optimization – in this module you will learn about all the LinkedIn profile elements you need to prepare it for success; it explains the SEO, Analytics, and Resources on your LinkedIn profile
    • 5. Building a Network – find out who to connect with, how to start with the first 500 connections, how to send an invitation to connect, what to write in an invitation to connect, all about My Network tab on LinkedIn, and the things you can do for your network on LinkedIn
    • 6. LinkedIn Page Optimization – this module tells you all about LinkedIn page: key differences between profile and page, benefits of a LinkedIn page, how to create it, how to optimize it, LinkedIn page statistics, Analytics, Admin tools, and 12 ways to promote your LinkedIn page
    • 7. Employer Advocacy – learn about employer branding, 9 steps for building an employer brand, 3 primary benefits of employer advocacy on LinkedIn, 3 LinkedIn page features for employer advocacy, and a special blueprint for employer advocacy
    • 8. LinkedIn Content – learn about the LinkedIn algorithm, the difference between content creation and content curation, 4 great ways to find content curation ideas, content formats, a content system, the anatomy of a LinkedIn post, when and how often to post, and much, much more
    • 9. LinkedIn For Lead Generation – learn about social selling, buying signals on LinkedIn, 7 actionable steps to effectively generate leads on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator basics, and more
    • 10. LinkedIn Extras – before finishing some extra strategies, thoughts, and comparisons about LinkedIn for some extra clarity like how much time should you spend on LinkedIn, 4 tips on how to optimize your feed, and how to find time for LinkedIn activities
    • 11. Cool Tools – 9 practical cool tools to help you create a system that will help you start and stay on LinkedIn
    • 12. Before We Say Goodbye – in the end, all the resources, acknowledgments, reviews, and about the Author

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What do you get with the Book?

1. 236 pages with countless strategies and best practices

2. cool tools for a system that will help you start and stay on LinkedIn

3. Clip tips that will give some extra dimensions to really understand LinkedIn



My goal is that you truly understand LinkedIn and fully use it for (employer) branding, marketing, and sales.

You need only one more thing – the decision to start and make LinkedIn your favourite business habit. Let me help you with that!

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